World Sjögren’s Syndrome Day

July 23, 2024

World Sjögren’s Syndrome Day is designed to put a face on the millions of people living with the disease or suffering from symptoms who have yet to be diagnosed. It gives everyone affected by Sjögren’s disease a way to reach out and educate their loved ones – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. – about the disease. It’s the perfect opportunity to spread the word about this life-altering disease.

History of World Sjögren’s Day

World Sjögren’s Day was created to raise public awareness of Sjögren’s disease. It is celebrated every year on July 23, the birthday of Dr Henrik Sjögren, the Swedish ophthalmologist who discovered Sjögren’s disease.

Dr Henrik Sjögren was a Swedish ophthalmologist who first identified the disease in 1933. Today, his birthday is celebrated as World Sjögren’s Day to help raise awareness of the disease.

In 1929, Dr. Sjögren met a patient complaining of dry eyes, dry mouth and joint pain. While each of these symptoms was already well known, it was their combination that Dr. Sjögren decided to study.